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Mission and Vision Statement

The Brown Deer Athletic Booster Club (BDABC) was formed in 1982 as an education organization to support all the athletic programs at Brown Deer High School.  The BDABC is made up of enthusiastic parents of student athletes, both past and present, who donate their time and energy to our various fundraising activities.  Specifically, we raise funds that are used to purchase training aids for all the athletic teams at Brown Deer High School. 

Our support of athletics is a direct benefit to the education our student athletes receive through their academic classes.  We believe that supporting and improving the athletic experiences our students have we will attract more athletic participants and that in turn will improve the overall educational performance of our school. 

The Booster Club is active all year round starting in July with the Golf Outing.  The membership sales start in August in advance of football and volleyball and runs through the start of basketball season in November.  Concession sales start in August with football and volleyball and run through the baseball season which ends in mid-July.

The BDABC is governed by a board of directors who hold monthly meetings throughout the year.  It is during these meetings when decisions about how the collected funds will be distributed.  Requests for funding are submitted by the coaches to the Brown Deer High School Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director reviews each request and determines the appropriate ones to present to the Booster Club.  At the monthly meetings the requests are presented to the BDABC board of directors by the Athletic Director and/or coach of the sport making the request.

The board considers many factors when evaluating the requests but the overriding goal is to provide the student athletes with the best opportunity to excel at their chosen sport and relative overall benefit to the athletic program in general.  Requests that exceed $1500 are held and presented at one of the 3 general sessions where members outside the board of directors can vote on the request.  On occasion the School District will request Booster Club support for major projects that will benefit the overall athletic programs for the high school.  These requests are handled in the same fashion as the coaches' requests.  There are two reoccurring expenses for the BDABC that occur outside the coach/district request process.

The BDABC is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that can accept tax deductible contributions.

Current Sponsorship

Varsity Baseball Field - New Dugouts, Move of the scoreboard to 1st base side of field, Portable pitching mound and cage

All High School Sports - unlimited Hudl video recording

Girls Softball - New Pitching Machines

Track and Field - purchased new high jump pit